Social Media Trends for 2018

This is a good synopsis of social media trends heading into the new year. Some numbers that stuck out:

— Video messages are far better retained by consumers than text.

— 80% of consumers would rather watch live videos from a brand than read posts.

— Gen Z (individuals born between 1995 and 2012) use YouTube even more than they use Instagram or Snapchat.

— Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing channel. 94% of those using influencer marketing find the format effective.

— Influencers bring a 10x increase in conversion rate, and half of Twitter and Instagram users rely on influencers’ recommendations.

— Global smartphone users will increase another 8% in 2018, to almost 2.5 billion.

— Time spent on social networks in US, mobile vs desktop:

  1. Facebook: 68% mobile, 32% desktop
  2. Instagram: 98% mobile
  3. YouTube: only 40% mobile; 60% desktop
  4. Twitter: 86% mobile, 14% desktop
  5. LinkedIn: 26% mobile, 74% desktop
  6. Snapchat: 100% mobile
  7. Pinterest: 92% mobile

— Last, Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion msgs) has almost caught Whatsapp (1.3 billion) as the global leader in social messaging. WeChat (0.9 billion) is not far behind in the #3 spot.