The Optimal Way to Use Facebook

ZeroHedge pointed out a blog post from Facebook’s director of research specifying how a person’s mood could worsen or improve depending on how they use the social network.

If a person is just reading through others’ posts on Facebook, they are significantly more likely to be in a worse mood than the average person at the end of that day.

However, if a person is active when logged in to Facebook through posting and talking to friends, they tend to feel more supported and less lonely.

So if you’re going to use Facebook, really engage with the people you’re connected with on the platform.

Social Media Trends for 2018

This is a good synopsis of social media trends heading into the new year. Some numbers that stuck out:

— Video messages are far better retained by consumers than text.

— 80% of consumers would rather watch live videos from a brand than read posts.

— Gen Z (individuals born between 1995 and 2012) use YouTube even more than they use Instagram or Snapchat.

— Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing channel. 94% of those using influencer marketing find the format effective.

— Influencers bring a 10x increase in conversion rate, and half of Twitter and Instagram users rely on influencers’ recommendations.

— Global smartphone users will increase another 8% in 2018, to almost 2.5 billion.

— Time spent on social networks in US, mobile vs desktop:

  1. Facebook: 68% mobile, 32% desktop
  2. Instagram: 98% mobile
  3. YouTube: only 40% mobile; 60% desktop
  4. Twitter: 86% mobile, 14% desktop
  5. LinkedIn: 26% mobile, 74% desktop
  6. Snapchat: 100% mobile
  7. Pinterest: 92% mobile

— Last, Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion msgs) has almost caught Whatsapp (1.3 billion) as the global leader in social messaging. WeChat (0.9 billion) is not far behind in the #3 spot.