Chris Long Is Donating His Entire Salary to Charity This Year

Pro football player Chris Long is donating his entire salary for this season to various educational causes. This entire piece by Charlotte Wilder at SB Nation is enlightening, but one quote of Long’s while speaking to a group of high school students stuck out to me:

Life is short. Live it with joy. I really think that the biggest thing I could leave you with today is to take pleasure in the work that you do, whether in classroom or community, and enjoy it. Be that contagious light that spreads energy to other people. Great people make other people feel they can be great, too. We talk about this in the locker room as football players and leaders, how you want everyone around you to feel like they can be great for having played with you, sat in a classroom with you, been a friend of yours. Through your loyalty, your excitement, and for who you are. Be contagious in your energy.