Links: Monday, 4/17/17

An articulate take on the broader backstory of the ‘fearless girl’ statue being placed in front of the ‘charging bull’ statue in Wall Street. (Greg Fallis)

To be a genius, think like a 94-year old. Really cool profile of a professor at UT-Austin I was unaware of. (NY Times)

Short post on why apprenticeships may be a better strategy to promote equality than free college tuition. (The Ferenstein Wire)

Links: Saturday, 4/15/17

Best take I saw on the United Airlines fiasco this week. (L2 Inc.)

Good longform piece on how Netflix and Amazon are upending the independent film industry. Worth skimming at least. (The Ringer)

Excellent take on how Chase and other credit card issuers are giving American Express its toughest challenge in years. Also, this piece was written by Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better(NY Times)

Links: Thursday, 4/13/17

Short list of investing rules. (Collaborative Fund)

Boston is using modeling from MIT to make changes to its bus route network. “…since big rail expansion projects can take years or decades to deliver, a fast, frequent and reliable bus network is critical to any functioning transit system.” (City Lab)

Book review of Every Good Endeavor, which explores the ways we look for meaning in our work. (Jonathan Tjarks)