Biking to Work Is Great for Your Health

From Emma Brown at The Washington Post (via Chicago Tribune):

Compared with driving or taking public transit, bicycling to work is associated with a substantially lower risk of heart disease and cancer – and even premature death from all causes. The health benefits of cycling are even more powerful than walking, according to the study.

There are some greater risks like the potential of getting into an accident with a car or breathing in exhaust fumes on busy streets, but these are far outweighed by the health benefits of exercising this much on a daily basis.

Researchers in 2010 found that injuries can subtract five to nine days of life from the average adult cyclist, and air pollution can subtract from one to 40 days, but the benefits of cycling can add three to 14 months to a bicyclist’s life.

Cycling as a way to commute has quadrupled in use since the turn of the century.

The proportion of Americans who bike to work quadrupled from 2000 to 2015, from about 1 percent to more than 4 percent, according to census data.