Finally An Accurate, Succinct Description of Millennials

From Bill Simmons at The Ringer:

It always struck me as odd and funny that authority figures at companies have had such trouble categorizing the millennial generation (which includes myself) as the young graduates began entering the workforce. We are different from Baby Boomers and Gen X, but it never seemed like it should be this difficult to understand what drives our behavior. That is why it was rewarding today to see Bill Simmons, a CEO who has a staff of mostly millennials, describe my generation so well in just five lines.

I’m not as concerned about 31-year-old coach Sean McVay because I work with a bunch of young people. Millennials are underrated. They work their asses off, they’re used to doing five things at the same time, and their biggest fault is that they’re a little too uptight/sensitive/idealistic.

That about covers it.