Charlize Theron Walks Through Her Career Ups and Downs

From The Bill Simmons Podcast:

Charlize Theron was the featured guest on Bill Simmons’s podcast last month prior to the release of her film Atomic Blonde. They walked through her film career on a movie-by-movie basis. My notes are below:

She is poor at auditioning but relentless and can stick in people’s heads.

She was just trying not to drown in Devil’s Advocate, her first big role that also featured Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Surprised she got the part. Worked really hard and did her best.

Winning the Oscar was a night she felt very grateful for all she had been able to do. However, it felt no greater than getting her first film role as an extra years prior.

After winning the Oscar, she got a lot of offers for work and made some bad choices. She overthought and was not fully committed or felt right choosing what she did.

An injury to her neck caused chronic pain for 8 years. Then a fusion surgery was a game changer.

After the difficulty of making Mad Max, she needed the funny work environment of filming a comedy to remind her why she loves this kind of work.

Seth MacFarlane wrote, directed, and acted in A Million Ways to Die in the West while also writing a novel and doing voices for Family Guy; and he still has time to meet you for a drink.

She would much rather have word of mouth than mountains of money going to publicity for her films. She does not set expectations for her films.

Her kids are 2 and 5 years old. Simmons says that is a tough stage. You don’t see light at the end of the tunnel until they turn 6. Then they can occupy themselves. Simmons is torn up that his daughter is throwing sass at him now that she’s 12 and it will stay that way after he used to be her hero. His son is great though. Sons are dumb, happy, and loyal.