Can Singers Change Their Technique to Save Their Vocal Cords?

From Bernhard Warner at The Guardian:

This was a great long read that is at least worth skimming.

Today, professional singers are incurring vocal injuries at younger ages than ever seen before. For example, Adele may have to have a second surgery in the last six years to repair her voice, and she is still in her twenties.

Two vocal coaches believe the problem can be alleviated by changing how one sings.

Brilla and Paglin have been saying this for years. “You cannot solve the problem by simply relieving the symptom,” Brilla said. “It’s a motor problem. The singer has to understand it’s the way you’re running your engine” – the techniques they’re using to sing. “If you don’t fix the engine, it’s going to happen again.”

Audiences today believe louder is better, but this is a recent phenomenon. Look back a century and the primary singing style was more understated. This allowed the best singers of that era to continue working full-time into their senior years.

It may be useful for young singers today to consider this method if they want a greater chance of a long career without the need for surgery every several years.