Lessons from TV host, comedian, and CEO Chris Hardwick

I went back and listened to the first Jonah Keri podcast with his boss at Nerdist, Chris Hardwick. Chris is the CEO of Nerdist and host of Talking Dead, @midnight with Chris Hardwick, and The Wall. He had a lot of insightful things to say. My notes are below:

— We’re conditioned to be rid of any discomfort, yet discomfort is where the most growth happens.

— ‘What if’ questions are dangerous because rarely is that an optimistic thought. It’s usually us thinking of a possible negative outcome.

— ‘Worry is a misuse of your imagination.’

— Just get started instead of overthinking. Nerds fall into overthinking too easily and then never act.

— Wil Wheaton’s rule for success: ‘Don’t be a dick.’

— Hosting podcasts and interviewing people helped his conversational ability.

— His dad broke through on the pro bowling tour when he realized he deserved to be there competing with these other legends of the sport.

— After thirteen years in show business, he decided to focus just on the niche he knew best (nerdy topics).


— When he admitted to himself he’ll never have money and decided to just do fun stuff, he became his most authentic self and started having more success.

— Question that resonated with him from the book Goals! by Brian Tracy: What are you going to do after you’re done doing what’s expected of you?

— His advice for others: Ask good questions to yourself about what you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Also, am I where I am because of the result of healthy changes?

— Appreciate incremental change. You can’t change your behavior all at once.

— Last bit of advice: Like yourself.