Lessons from Hall of Fame basketball player Bill Walton

Bill Walton is a Hall of Fame basketball player that won two national titles at UCLA in the early 1970s and was a key player on two NBA championship teams (1977 and 1986). He was on this podcast with sportswriter Jonah Keri last year. My notes are below:

— Bill’s body started breaking down on him in his 20s, and he’s had to deal with limitations on his physical activity ever since. His advice in that scenario is to figure out what it is you can do and do your best with that. For him, that led to biking and swimming for physical exercise. At the end of your life, there are three physical activities you can do: swim in the pool, lift weights, and bike.

— One of the biggest challenges in life is convincing people we’re all in this together.

— All of his heroes growing up were even nicer than he imagined when he finally got to meet them. It was a big life affirmation for him.

— The most important jobs in life: parent, coach, teacher. Being responsible for what’s next.

— How to be happy: First, you need to be healthy. Then have family and friends around you. Then have a home as a sanctuary where you feel safe. Last step is a dream that tomorrow will be better than today.

— Some folks would be so happy to have just one dream come true.