How Sturgill Simpson went from playing bars in obscurity to the Grammys in four years

— Simpson is one of the five Grammy nominees for album of the year, alongside superstars Adele, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Drake.

— Simpson in 2014: “ ‘If I have to give it up and get a job next year or something, I’ll feel OK with that, because I’ve made two albums that I always wanted to make and feel very proud about,’ Simpson told me. ‘I got to play the Opry and my grandparents were all there, so I don’t really know what else I would have to achieve in terms of my own idea of success. I’m not really looking for a major-label deal — to see myself on CMT doing all that, I know what comes with that.’”

“At 38, he’s the oldest nominee in the Album of the Year category, though he also has the youngest career.”